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11 Easy Rum Cocktails You Can Make This Summer

Because we all crave rum when the weather turns warm.

Deadbeat Daiquiri cocktail
Deadbeat Daiquiri. Image:

Sharon Pye

As temperatures rise, it’s important to inventory the season’s essentials: a sturdy pair of flip-flops, a trashy beach read, extra PTO days. Add to that list rum—and lots of it. This summer, feed your warm-weather cocktail cravings with everything from a watermelon-fueled Mojito to a classic Pi?a Colada. Without further ado, we present you 11 rum cocktails to make right now.

  • Watermelon Mojito

    Watermelon Mojito cocktail

    Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

    The ripest, juiciest watermelon in the world is still only a watermelon. Add a shot of good rum, along with fresh mint and some agave nectar, and suddenly you have a seasonal spin on the Mojito, as well as the perfect antidote to the blahs.

  • Rum-Brandy Punch

    Rum-Brandy Punch cocktail

    This recipe, inspired by the golden age of punch, comes from cocktail historian David Wondrich. It consists of good-quality cognac (or for a more rustic-flavored drink, Armagnac), dark rum, lemon juice and sugar. Strong, simple, tasty and, best of all, ready to serve.

  • Boston Rum Punch

    Boston Rum Punch cocktail

    ?Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

    Most rum is made from molasses, which is about as fast as you want to move in the midsummer heat. All hail the two-ingredient drink! This simple mix of Jamaican rum and homemade lemonade (if you’re really dragging, scoop up a quality store brand) is the lazy person’s excuse for never leaving the hammock.

  • Bermuda Rum Swizzle

    Bermuda Rum Swizzle cocktail

    Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

    Why make one drink when you can make a pitcher? This large-format crowd pleaser blends a duo of rums with the tropical one-two punch of orange and pineapple juices. The fun part? Swizzling it all up to a nice, frothy mix before straining in the glass.

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  • Pi?a Colada

    Pi?a Colada

    Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

    The name alone is shorthand for carefree, summer drinking. The national cocktail of Puerto Rico, the Pi?a Colada can be made two different ways—blended or shaken and strained over crushed ice. Doesn’t matter what you choose. The bright, simple flavors (rum, coconut and pineapple) always deliver.

  • Bacardí Cocktail

    Bacardi Cocktail

    Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

    After 100 years, this classic sipper still hits all the high notes of what a summer cocktail should be. It’s pretty in the glass, fresh on the palate and perfectly balanced with a mix of sweet, sour and clean, dry flavors. Here’s to another 100 years to come!

  • Rum & Tonic

    Rum & Tonic cocktail


    This rummy take on the Gin & Tonic is a no-brainer: It's easy, full of flavor, and about as refreshing as it gets. Garnish it Spanish-style with star anise pods, fennel fronds, mint leaves, and ginger and citrus slices to make those aromatics pop. Served in a wine goblet, this drink is as pretty as a sundress.

  • Canchánchara

    Canchánchara cocktail

    Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

    Said to be Cuba's oldest cocktail, the Canchánchara is a light and zesty blend of white rum, lime juice and honey, with a brisk soda top. A sort of precursor to the Daiquiri, it was believed to cure the common cold. Summer colds aside, we'd prescribe this to combat the heat come the next scorcher.

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  • Dark 'n Stormy

    Dark and Stormy cocktail

    Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

    This one goes with saying, really. Black Seal rum and ginger beer are the one-two punch your sweating body is thirsting for this time of year. Bracing and intensely flavored, this classic drink delivers big satisfaction for little work. Easy as summer fruit pie.

  • Wind at Your Back

    Wind at Your Back cocktail

    Liquor.com / Tim Nusog?

    Crisp early-season apple flavors are a gentle way to transition from late summer to early fall. But the ingredient in this Daiquiri variation that will really put the sail in your step? Ginger liqueur. The recipe only calls for a quarter-ounce—just enough to lend the drink an earthiness around the edges.

  • Deadbeat Daiquiri

    Deadbeat Daiquiri cocktail

    Sharon Pye

    If you’re not a Tiki disciple, you will be after a pull from this decked-out Frozen Daiquiri by iconic New Orleans bar Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29. The cocktail calls for a kitchen sink of ingredients: aged rum, cocoa and maraschino liqueurs, lime juice, chocolate bitters, and lychee nuts. Want to really go nuts? Spring for the edible orchid garnish, and you’re all but guaranteed to send your guests home jealous.